Welcome to the DPS Research Review Board

The Research Review Board (RRB) is overseen by the Research and Evaluation Team at DPS. The RRB ensures responsible administration and facilitation of external research practice in the District. The primary responsibilities of the RRB are: 1) reviewing external research proposal submissions, 2) monitoring modifications to approved research projects, and 3) ensuring engagement in the research results with DPS staff, educators, and students to confirm mutual benefit of the final product to the District and external researcher. Approval of external research proposals will be reserved for projects that support District priorities and will be reviewed based on the level of effort required from DPS staff, as well as time required from DPS educators and students. The policies, processes, and proposal submission requirements outlined below and within the RRB Handbook encourage the greatest benefit from the time and resources expended to support external research proposals.

Guidance for New Research Requests (Summer 2024 window)

All documents for the 2024-2025 School Year have now been updated. If you previously downloaded forms, you will need to download the updated forms for your submission. Please ensure you have the latest version of the handbook and review the requirements before each submission window.

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Research Requests