Balancing Board Districts

Upcoming Community Engagement Opportunities

DPS will host 2 community meetings on Zoom in the the next few weeks to gather input and inform the Board of Directors as they make a decision about Map Scenarios A, B, and C. The first meeting will be held from noon-1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3. The second meeting will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10. Meeting rooms will open 20 minutes before the start of the meeting. Recordings of the meetings will be available by the Friday after each meeting.

In addition to the virtual meetings, we are providing a survey to solicit information from the community about preferred map scenarios. Please complete this survey by the end of the day on Friday, April 12.

For questions related to board redistricting, please email

The Denver Public Schools’ Board of Education is composed of five representative districts and two at-large members. According to Colorado state law, DPS is required to balance the population of the districts after each United States decennial census so that the total population in each district is close to equal, within 10 percent. 

Currently, the five are not balanced. The difference between District 4 in the Far Northeast and District 2 in the Southwest is greater than the state-mandated 10%. In the spring of 2023, the Board of Education was presented with a single option to change these boundaries to ensure that the district is in compliance with the law.

The last time that the Board districts were adjusted was 2014.


From mid January to mid February, DPS hosted community engagement meetings to explain the process and receive feedback from the community. Beginning on Feb. 20, district staff compiled the feedback and create one recommended map to present to the Board at their scheduled Board Retreat on March 9, 2023.

The public shared feedback with the Board at the public comment session on March 20, 2023 and the Board was scheduled to vote on the plan on March 23, 2023.  

In the winter of 2024, the Board re-engaged in the process. At the March 7th Board work session, the Board directed staff to hold 2 community meetings and create a survey to gather community input. The Board will hold a final vote on selecting a scenario, either A, B, or C, at the April 18th Regular Board Meeting.

DPS Board of Education boundaries map as of January 2023

DPS Board of Education boundaries as of January 2023

A bar graph showing the total population in each of the five Board of Education districts based on the 2020 Census

Proposed Scenarios

As we move forward, maps that are being considered will be listed here. To enlarge a scenario map, please click on the image.

Scenario A map

Scenario B map

Scenario C map

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