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C3 Students Participate in Washed Ashore Project at the Denver Zoo

Nov. 21, 2016

On Nov. 17, students at Creativity Challenge Community (C3) had the opportunity to attend a gallery reception at the Denver Zoo that featured the artwork they had created as part of the Washed Ashore exhibit.

To launch the study at C3, the entire school made an excursion to the Denver Zoo to study the sculptures by Oregon artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi, which incorporated all recycled items that had wash onto beaches across the U.S. These items used in the sculptures ranged from fishing nets to tooth brushes and toilet seats. One astonished second grade student commented, “are all these sculptures made of trash that was found?”

All kindergarten through fifth grade students at C3 worked with visual arts teacher B.J Kittleson to create their own sea life sculptures out of recycled items collected by the community. Students used a similar process as Pozzi and sorted recycled objects into bins by colors. From there, students were encouraged to engage flexible thinking strategies to see how the plastic shell of a computer monitor could be the body of a penguin, or how a plastic gallon milk jug could be the body of an angler fish.

“My goal is to develop a supportive environment for children that spawns creativity and learning school wide,” said Kittleson.

Pozzi inspired C3 students through these artistic pieces, which opened dialogue among the students on how people can change their habits and how plastic can negatively impact the environment. Students’ recycled sculptures are on display in the Gates Center at the Denver Zoo with Pozzi’s Bleached Coral sculpture.

“It was a great night and lifelong learning milestone for children,” shared C3 Principal Julia Shepherd. “Our students will remember this event at the Denver Zoo where their learning and creative efforts were celebrated, they had an opportunity to interact with a ball python, take a winter night carousel ride, and tour the zoo with their families. We had a special time!”

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