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Valdez Recognized for Perfect Summer Academy Participation

Oct. 3, 2017

On Sept. 27, the DPS Summer Academy team honored Escuela Valdez for its outstanding efforts to ensure 100% participation from all 138 eligible students from Valdez and neighboring schools in the 2017 DPS Summer Academy.

The Summer Academy is a free half-day program hosted at schools throughout DPS during June and July that provides extra practice and individual support for K-3 students reading significantly below grade level and K-8 English Language Learners who are not yet proficient in English. Districtwide, more than 4,200 students participated this past summer.

As a thank-you for the school-wide effort to ensure that all eligible students were able to take advantage of this great opportunity, the Summer Academy team delivered breakfast pastries and coffee to the Valdez staff. Incoming Senior Program Manager Dr. Boris Costa-Guerra presented the school with a certificate honoring their achievement. “This is an incredible achievement,” he noted, “it’s truly humbling to see the dedication of our teachers and school leaders to ensure that all their students succeed.”

The Summer Academy team also presented certificates to Whittier, Teller, Godsman, Columbine and Bradley International School for achieving the top five highest participation from eligible students. For more information about DPS Summer Academy, please visit and click on Summer Academy in the main menu.