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Understanding the School Performance Framework (SPF) | Denver Public Schools
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Understanding the School Performance Framework (SPF)

Sep. 30, 2016

In Denver Public Schools, the district has a number of big goals educators are focused on year round to help reach vision that Every Child Succeeds. They make up our Denver Plan 2020.

The top goal is ensuring there are Great Schools in Every Neighborhood.

Just as teachers monitor how each student is growing throughout the school year, DPS regularly monitors each school’s progress. This is done with something called the School Performance Framework, or SPF, which is like a report card for schools.

Just like a report card for students, the school report card shows educators useful information about where progress is being made and where schools need to focus on improvement.

It considers things like growth on state tests, attendance rates and parent satisfaction.

The school report card prioritizes student academic growth, or how much progress students have made from one year to the next. Because what’s most important is not where you start but how much you grow.

It also measures how well a school serves students and families, regardless of their background, ethnicity or ability.

All of that is combined into the school’s overall report card rating.

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