Teacher Voices 2015

May. 4, 2015

Social Studies and Physical Education Teacher Bryan Lindstrom

I teach because …

“I have had positive influences in my life from adults that have helped shape me into the person I am. I want to pass that forward by creating connections with young adults to help guide them to becoming the best people they can be.”

Bryan Lindstrom
Social Studies and Physical Education Teacher
Merrill Middle School

1st Grade ELA-S Teacher Kayla Krittenbrink

I teach because…

“I believe in the power of education to change our world. All of our students are capable of amazing things when they are loved, encouraged and challenged to meet their full potential.”

Kayla Krittenbrink
1st Grade, ELA-S Teacher
Trevista ECE-8

Literacy Teacher Colby Graham

Teaching has taught me…

“That I’ll never stop learning.”

Colby Graham
Literacy Teacher
North High School

Language Arts Teacher Andrew Kovar

I teach because…

”All students deserve a voice and someone to help them achieve their goals and aspirations — and helping middle school students prepare for high school.”

Andrew Kovar
Language Arts Teacher
P.R.E.P. Academy

2nd Grade Teacher Christina Johnson Duarte

Teaching has taught me…

“To encourage deeper questioning and thinking about our world (for myself and my students).”

Christina Johnson Duarte
2nd Grade Teacher
Lena Archuleta Elementary

Kindergarten Teacher Vicky Thrasher

My favorite teaching moment is…

”When my students are positively beaming with pride at what they accomplished.”

Vicky Thrasher
Kindergarten Teacher
Valdez Elementary

Special Education Teacher Wayne Embacher

My favorite teaching moment is…

“When students ultimately realize that the hard times I give them, the tough and consistent love that is always present in my classroom, and the undying faith in their potential was always for their success. When students realize that I didn’t let them slide because their success now means greater success later, and that when I make them do everything for themselves isn’t because I don’t care, but because I care enough to ensure they can perform independently, for their future success.”

Wayne Embacher
Special Education Teacher
North High School

Math Teacher Ellen Wood

I teach because…

“Teaching is a part of my DNA and is something I must do to live my purpose. Helping others toward fulfillment of their own life’s purpose is a joy and an honor!”

Ellen Wood
Math Teacher
RESPECT Academy at Abraham Lincoln

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