Take Our Latest Survey & See Results from December

Mar. 17, 2021

Please Complete Our Latest Family and Student Survey 

Our next round of surveys was sent to families and students enrolled in district-managed schools on March 10. This is an optional and confidential survey that asks students questions related to each of the district’s crisis priorities of health and safety, social and emotional support, and accelerated learning. This survey also asks questions related to the search for DPS’ next superintendent — so please be sure to make your voice heard. 

While our survey participation numbers increased across the board in our latest survey, we are noticing a trend that white families continue to be overrepresented in survey participation. We encourage all DPS families and students to share feedback through our surveys so that all voices and ideas are included when we make decisions as a community. 

Review Results from the December Survey

Thank you to our students, families, and team members for taking the time to share feedback with us through our Well-Being & Learning surveys. The feedback we receive is critical, as we use it to inform upcoming decisions for student learning during COVID-19. 

We invite you to read through our key findings from the December surveys. Below are a few excerpts from our research, along with actions our district is taking to address concerns and drive improvements: 

What We Heard:

  • Teacher and student perceptions of how the DPS 5 are practiced helped us to identify places that might need extra monitoring and support.
  • Based on survey data from students (well-being lowest point), families and team members, student social and emotional supports need to be prioritized.
  • In September, we told you that 6% of students reportedly went hungry three or more days the prior week and nearly 10% of students identifying as Asian reported so. While we saw improvements for students identifying as Asian, there were increases for students identifying as Black or Hispanic/Latinx that reported being hungry the prior week. 

What DPS Will Do in Response:

  • Since the start of the semester, we audited all schools to ensure they are meeting our health and safety protocols. We are providing targeted supports and training based on the audits to ensure all areas of the DPS 5 are practiced consistently in all schools.
  • To better understand barriers and ways to improve student social and emotional learning, teams are working with the Teacher Advisory Council to better understand next steps. We will continue to maintain a strong focus on mental health of students, including Trauma Informed Practices, Restorative Practices, Bully Prevention, Substance Prevention, mental health providers  and community partners providing social emotional and counseling supports for students, District Crisis Recovery Team supports. We will also continue to require 20 minutes of SEL instruction.
  • As a result of the Fall survey results and while all schools were remote, we provided targeted food support through an increase of 10 food distribution sites across the metro area. As many students have returned to in-person learning, students now have access to regular school meals. We will continue to monitor student perceptions of food insecurity in our spring surveys and will use these results to identify immediate needs.