Students Get Real-life Look at Work Through Career Exploration Event at Federal Reserve

Dec. 5, 2017
DPS CareerConnect students recently learned what it takes to make sure the economy is operating effectively and securely through a V.I.P. tour of the Federal Reserve.
DPS CareerConnect students from George Washington High School learned about the economy during a V.I.P. tour of the Federal Reserve.

As the central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve makes sure the economy is operating effectively and securely. Sixty-seven George Washington ninth-grade business students recently visited the Federal Reserve’s branch in Denver for a CareerConnect CareerX event, in which companies give students an intimate, first-hand experience with careers they’re interested in pursuing.

With discussions on what it takes to moderate interest rates to how the Federal Reserve ensures safety with U.S.-dollar transactions and payments, students were able to learn how the bank protects consumers and promotes the stability of the economy.

“CareerX educates students on professions unknown,” said Nicole Lovato, DPS CareerConnect Work-Based Learning Manager. “Many of our students do not have parents who work in the industries we visit and they are unaware of possibilities for their future.” The program features industry professionals that mirror the diverse demographics of DPS students, with the intent of reinforcing how students can be successful in these careers.

Aside from learning the role of the Federal Reserve in our economy, students received an exciting V.I.P. tour of the cash vault — which is closed to public tours — where they observed the work of cash vault operators. They also met with bank examiners and learned about resume writing for financial careers. Students asked the Federal Reserve staff questions about why money goes out of circulation, what makes their job important and what the starting salary might be for various careers.

“With visits to companies, students get a real-life look at industries in person where they are able to meet professionals, see work in action, learn the career paths of others, observe traits of professionalism and, ultimately, unlock perhaps previously unknown potential for their own future,” said Lovato.

Students left the Federal Reserve with a souvenir bag of shredded money, and a first-hand account of careers they could potentially pursue in the banking industry.

The program is rapidly-growing, with CareerX students out in the community almost every week during the school year. DPS estimates more than 2,000 CareerX student experiences will take place this school year alone, with plans for expansion each year. Students have toured companies in business, engineering, health, technology, hospitality, graphic design and audio/video production industries.

As DPS scales the program with the goal to reach more students in the district, the growth is fueling a demand for more company partners. “We would like to work with any company who is interested in sharing industry knowledge with youth who are mapping out their futures. We welcome their wisdom and guidance for our students,” said Lovato.

Students interested in the program should talk to their teacher or counselor. We invite companies interested in hosting students to reach out to Aaron Deterding, the DPS CareerConnect Strategic Partnerships Manager.

DPS CareerConnect would like to thank the Federal Reserve for hosting meaningful visits with our CareerSpark and CareerX students this semester. Additionally, we are so grateful for the catered lunch they provided to our students.