Student Voices 2022: Why DPS Students Love Their Teachers

May. 2, 2022
Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd through 6th

For Teacher Appreciation Week 2022, we asked students across DPS to share why they love their teachers and what makes them so special. Check back often this week to read what they have to say!

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Student Umulkheir Ibrahim

“Ms. Griffith has taught me to do a lot of things. She has taught me to read, write and learn math. She also told me to be kind and help others. Whenever I am sad she helps me out. Ms. Griffith is a wonderful teacher.”

Student: Umulkheir Ibrahim, 4th grade
Teacher: Anna Griffith
School: Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

Student Abraham Lyons

“Without my teacher, I wouldn’t have PJ and stuffie days. She’s the best teacher! She does very, very kind things.”

Student: Abraham Lyons, Kindergarten
Teacher: Brianna Russell
School: Inspire Elementary

Student A’Keila Gifford

“My teacher has taught me how to use art and materials around me to meditate.”

Student: A’Keila Gifford
Teacher: Anita Harman-Rodriguez
School: West High School

Teacher Bianca Garcia and student Trinity Paschal

“My teacher helps me all the time when I need help. She says, ‘Listening ears, Trinity.’ And I put my ears on every day.”

Student: Trinity Paschal, Kindergarten
Teacher: Bianca Garcia
School: Sabin World

Teacher Arielle Walker and student Omar Y.

“She is so nice. She helps people feel better with her hugs.”

Student: Omar Y., 3rd grade
Teacher: Arielle Walker
School: Munroe Elementary

Student Adel Ahmed

“She has taught me division, multiplication and decimals. She has also encouraged me to increase my reading level. Ms. Griffith has inspired me to be a better student. Ms. Griffith is a wonderful teacher.”

Student: Adel Ahmed, 4th grade
Teacher: Anna Griffith
School: Montclair

Student Ariyana Smith

“My teacher has inspired me to become a pediatric oncologist because she believed that I could.”

Student: Ariyana Smith, 6th grade
Teacher: Shawnette Ward
School: Marie L. Greenwood Academy

Student Phuong Tran

“My teacher inspired me to become anything I wanted to be because it doesn’t matter what people think I should be, it’s the matter if I want to and have passion for that job.”

Student: Jasmin Tran
Teacher: Ashlie McGuire
School: Northeast Early College

Teacher Kira Withrow with student Dylan Alvarado-Marroquin

“My teacher taught me that you need math for almost EVERYTHING!!!”

Student: Dylan Alvarado, 4th grade
Teacher: Kira Withrow
School: Force Elementary

Student Alejandria Gomez

“My teachers have taught me that I can do my best every day, and dream to the future.”

Student: Alejandria Gomez, 3rd grade
Teacher: Catherine Gonzalez, Maria Rios and Norma Zoetewey
School: Maxwell Elementary

Teacher Lyly Zaragoza and student Oliver Suarez-Lazaro

“Ms. Zaragoza is nice. She smiles a lot and always says nice words to us. Amo a mi maestra porque ella es buena con nosotros. Ms. Zaragoza sonríe mucho y nos dice cosas bonitas.”

Student: Oliver Suarez-Lazaro, Kindergarten
Teacher: Lyly Zaragoza
School: McMeen Elementary

Student Paris Tekeste

“I love Ms. Moore because I can talk to her about anything, and I mean anything.”

Student: Paris Tekeste, 4th grade
Teacher: Tamara Moore
School: Creativity Challenge Community

Student Juana Vasquez

“She is very understanding and has a lot of patience with all of us. If we don’t get something, she manages to explain things easier, such as in different languages, in order for us to understand it.”

Student: Juana Vasquez
Teacher: Milagritos Mejia
School: Respect Academy

Student Anagrace Gracida Anaya

“Ms. Lerma me a ense nado que no de beria que rentir y cuanto yo me caigo ella me levanta.”
“Ms. Lerma has taught me that I shouldn’t have to give up and when I fall she picks me up.”

Student: Anagrace Gracida Anaya, 3rd
Teacher: Paulina Lerma
School: Green Valley Elementary

Student Benjamin Gregg

“She is very understanding, helpful, and overall super kind. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

Student: Benjamin Gregg, 11th grade
Teacher: Megen Gilman
School: North High School

Student Jason Fogle

“My teacher has taught me that she cares about everyone no matter what. Also that school isn’t just about tests and grades, it is about getting ready for life.”

Student: Jason Fogle, 6th grade
Teacher: Erin Hill
School: Skinner

Teacher Garrett Hayes and student Mary Granados-Chavez

“Mr. Hayes doesn’t just push you to do your best in your academics, he also jokes around with you and is there for you when you need him.”

Student: Mary Granados Chavez, 11th Grade
Teacher: Garrett Hayes
School: Collegiate Prep Academy

Student Esther Garcia

“My teacher has inspired me to buy a guitar and learn 100% how to play it.”

Student: Esther Garcia, 10th grade
Teacher: Hollie Ryckman
School: Abraham Lincoln

Teacher Gretchen Miller and student Angel Velasquez

“My teacher has taught be how to be confident in myself and thoughtful of others.”

Student: Angel Velasquez, 3rd grade
Teacher: Gretchen Miller
School: Swansea Elementary

Student Rebecca Samland

“A teacher is someone who helps you with your education and helps you be a better person.”

Student: Rebecca Samland, 4th grade
Teacher: Keli Basin
School: McMeen Elementary

Student Natalia Smith

“My teacher inspired me to become a mathematician because I really ‘get’ math.”

Student: Natalia Smith, 3rd grade
Teacher: Heather Waldo
School: Traylor Academy

Student Ivy Vazquez

“Mr. Smilack is an amazing teacher. He makes me love math and makes me want to keep trying and succeed. I really want to thank him for that.”

Student: Ivy Vazquez, 8th grade
Teacher: Simeon Smilack
School: Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences

Student Colt Creapo

“My teacher taught me to be a good writer. I even created my own book on orangutans.”

Student: Colt Creapo, 3rd grade
Teacher: Holcomb Mosley
School: Swigert International School

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