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Student Voices 2018: Why DPS Students Love Their Teachers

May. 4, 2018

Student Katelyn Lopez

“Without my teacher, I would not be prepared for middle school or learn as much as I do.”

Student: Katelyn Lopez, 5th grade
Teacher: Shannon Fahsbender
School: SOAR at Green Valley Ranch

Student Will Lanoha

“I love my teacher because she teaches us the real world application of what we’re learning.”

Student: Will Lanoha, 8th grade
Teacher: Shannon Wood-Rothenberg
School: McAuliffe International

Student Charlotte Perez

“My teacher has taught me to draw and do art really well.”

Student: Charlotte Perez, 3rd grade
Teacher: Jennifer Lowell
School: Denison Montessori

Student Samuel Davis

“My teacher is a role model. He has taught me to take responsibility.”

Student: Samuel Davis, 10th grade
Teacher: Brandon Becker
School: Denver School of the Arts

Student Calista Blaschke

“My teacher has inspired me to become a marine biologist because one time she taught me about the life cycle of animals and I liked it!”

Student: Calista Blaschke, 1st grade
Teacher: Lyndsey Hilbun
School: McKinley-Thatcher

Student Lucy Cammilleri

“I love my teacher because she’s really nice and gives us opportunities to do what we want to do. She has inspired me to become a teacher or mentor.”

Student: Lucy Cammilleri, 3rd grade
Teacher: Lorraine Ortiz-Lopez
School: Cheltenham Elementary

Student Scarlett Sands

“I love my teacher because she’s a nice teacher and she has pretty eyes. We also have the same color hair (almost). I love her because we both love avocados!”

Student: Scarlett Sands, Kindergarten
Teacher: Amanda Davis
School: McKinley-Thatcher

Student Emani Evans

“I love my teacher because she’s always there to help me when I don’t understand something and doesn’t get mad at me when I make mistakes.”

Student: Emani Evans, 8th grade
Teacher: Allison Motz
School: Marie L. Greenwood Academy

Teacher Aaron Salley with student Saul Cobral

“Without my teacher, I wouldn’t be able to go to middle school and stay smart when I grow up.”

Student: Saul Cobral, 5th grade
Teacher: Aaron Salley
School: Newlon Elementary

Student Sophia Kirkland

“Without my teacher, I wouldn’t be able to open up to people as much.”

Student: Sophia Kirkland, 8th grade
Teacher: Margaret Flynn
School: McAuliffe International

Student Kaitlyn Tran

“My teacher has inspired me to become a better student and a doctor because she teaches me so much and she tells me to never hurt a living thing. She says, ‘Instead of hurting them, help them.’”

Student: Kaitlyn Tran, 3rd grade
Teacher: Kelly Monroe
School: Denison Montessori

Student Ben Brooks

“Without my teacher, I wouldn’t know as much as I do about basically everything.”

Student: Ben Brooks, 5th grade
Teacher: Katie McOwen
School: Cory Elementary

Student Taylor Bell

“I love my teacher because she likes the same things I do, like doing art and being creative.”

Student: Taylor Bell, 5th grade
Teacher: Heidi West
School: Hallett Academy

Student Azuri

“Without my teacher I wouldn’t be learning and knowing stuff about wolves.”

Student: Azuri, 3rd grade
Teacher: Kiley Jones
School: Dora Moore

Student Melanie Cruz

“He really helps us when we’re struggling and makes sure we understand what we’re learning. He has taught me to think of my mistakes as a lesson.”

Student: Melanie Cruz, 6th grade
Teacher: Adam Hoffnung-Warantz
School: Marie L. Greenwood

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