Student Voices 2017: Why DPS Students Love Their Teachers

May. 5, 2017

Student Qeauzjinae Williams

“Mr. McNulty teaches me what I want to learn and adapts it to how I learn best. He gives each of us what we need. He challenges all of us at our levels.”

Student: Qeauzjinae Williams, 10th grade
Teacher: Kevin McNulty
School: PREP High School

Student Oliver Martinez-Reyes

“All of the work that my teachers and counselors do is breathtaking. They introduced me to the power of networking, relationship building and taking opportunities to expose yourself and try new things. They introduced me to the nonprofit Junior Achievement and now I’m a Junior Achievement ambassador. I get to volunteer and teach second graders in Spanish about taxes and the community. I’ve found so much fulfillment through this and it’s all because of my teachers.”

Student: Oliver Martinez-Reyes, 12th grade
Teacher: CTE International Business teachers
School: CEC Early College

Teacher Gel Ortiz-Nieves with student Andrew Peralta

“I love my teacher because Ms. Ortiz is very nice to me. She taught me to keep trying and not give up. She taught me everything I need to know to move on to third grade. She is my favorite teacher!”

Student: Andrew Peralta, 2nd grade
Teacher: Gel Ortiz-Nieves
School: Godsman Elementary

Student Melisa Sadaout

“I love my teachers because they have been so kind to me since I moved here. They teach me everything and I love them!”

Student: Melisa Sadaout, 3rd grade
Teacher: All Oakland Elementary teachers
School: Oakland Elementary

Student Nya Henderson

“My teacher has taught me that nothing in life is just handed to you. You have to work for your success and it’ll all be worth it if you push through right now. She has taught me to believe in my education. No one can take that away once you’ve earned it so use it to your power. My teacher is the strongest woman I’ve ever met.”

Student: Nya Henderson, 10th grade
Teacher: Renee Talmich
School: West Early College

Student Brysen Jaramillo

“My teacher has taught me how to be happy and joyful even when things are going wrong. My teacher inspires me by how far she has made it in life, and that lets me know I can do it, too!”

Student: Brysen Jaramillo, 6th grade
Teacher: Annie Jones
School: Bear Valley International

Student Jazzmine Cotton

“My teacher has taught me that I have to try harder than him and that has helped me lose the vocabulary word ‘can’t.’ Because of Mr. Reynolds, I always try harder rather than give up. A teacher is someone who cares about their students academically and personally.”

Student: Jazzmine Cotton, 12th grade
Teacher: Mr. Donald Reynolds
School: West Early College

Teacher Elizabeth Bromley-Vogel with student Dempsey Frandina

“My teacher has inspired me to become a builder because she taught us a lot about building with shapes. I learned that a box is a cube.”

Student: Dempsey Frandina, 1st grade
Teacher: Ms. Elizabeth Bromley-Vogel
School: Downtown Denver Expeditionary School

Teacher Lynn Malie with student Abby Williams

“I love my teacher because she is fun and we get to go on field trips. I know Ms. Lynn loves me because every time I do my work she smiles and tells me, ‘Good job!’ She cares about me no matter what!”

Student: Abby Williams, 4th grade
Teacher: Ms. Lynn Malie
School: Doull Elementary

Student Hunter Morris

“Without Ms. Butts, I wouldn’t know much and I wouldn’t pass fourth grade!”

Student: Hunter Morris, 4th grade
Teacher: Emilee Butts
School: Oakland Elementary

Teacher Krysta Muspratt with student Madeus

“A teacher is a person who creates an environment around you to build character traits like compassion and tenacity. My teacher has inspired me to become a lawyer because when she teaches us how to argue with evidence and convince others, she teaches us to do so in a respectful way, like ‘I disagree because…’”

Student: Madeus, 3rd grade
Teacher: Krysta Muspratt
School: Downtown Denver Expeditionary School

Student Jazmin Espinoza Garcia

“I love my teacher because she doesn’t judge anyone’s things, such as artwork. Plus, she is always very happy and I’ve never seen her without a smile. My teacher has taught me to read in Spanish and she has taught me to finish all my work and never give up.”

Student: Jazmin Espinoza Garcia, 6th grade
Teacher: Tess Crissey
School: Bear Valley International School

Student Nicolas Mares

“I love my teacher because she helps me and teaches me new stuff. My teacher has a great brain and does amazing things. She is a really nice teacher!”

Student: Nicolas Mares, 4th grade
Teacher: Gail Newhall
School: Godsman Elementary

Student Luke Utke

“Dr. Mo is a great teacher because she allows you to expand on experiences and lets you take things to the next level. I ended up bringing my work home because I loved it so much and she let me grow in that direction. She understands the complexity of the program and is very accepting of that. She allows us to work self-guided and it makes me feel good knowing she thinks I’m responsible enough to handle that!”

Student: Luke Utke, 11th grade
Teacher: Jennifer Moriarty
School: CEC Early College

Teacher Orion Vogeler with student Calise Gillespie

“Without my teacher, I wouldn’t have the courage or patience to get good grades in his class. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, he talks to me and makes me smile. I wouldn’t be as successful in his class if he wasn’t providing the support he has. He has inspired me to become a civil engineer and to go to college. Even though I struggle, I know he believes in me and that’s why I will push my hardest through all the tears and stressful days. I have never had a teacher as great as Mr. Vogeler and I appreciate his help and encouraging acts.”

Student: Calise Gillespie, 10th grade
Teacher: Orion Vogeler
School: West Early College

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