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Student Voices 2016: Why DPS Students Love Their Teachers

Apr. 19, 2016

Student Ciena Jackson

I love my teacher because…

“She helps kids get smarter and teaches us what we don’t know.”

Student: Ciena Jackson
Teacher: Cheryl Carasick
4th Grade
McGlone Elementary

Teacher Tom Bergen and student Andrea Gomez

I love my teacher because…

“He actually cares how I’m doing in his class. He is super funny – he’s one of us.”

Student: Andrea Gomez
Teacher: Tom Bergen
10th Grade, Honors History
North High School

Student Xochitl Gutierrez

A teacher is…

“Somebody that helps us learn and get ready for whatever grade we go to. She helps us cut and also helps us with our words.”

Student: Xochitl Gutierrez
Teacher: Jean Smith
Early Childhood Education
Pascual LeDoux Academy

Student Ruby Gonzalez

Without my teacher…

“I wouldn’t be happy the days I go to her class.”

Student: Ruby Gonzalez
Teacher: Renee Carney
4th Grade
Barnum Elementary

Student Elaina Weakliem

My teacher has taught me…

“That making mistakes is OK, as long as we’re able to sort ourselves out – and that patience really is a virtue.”

Student: Elaina Weakliem
Teacher: Lynn Knowles
8th Grade History
William “Bill” Roberts School

Teacher Evyenia Pappas with student Torri Reddick

I love my teacher because…

“She is just the best teacher EVER!”

Student: Torri Reddick
Teacher: Evyenia Pappas
Brown International Academy

Student Divine R.

My teacher has taught me…

“To control my thoughts and choices with my daily goal behavior chart.”

Student: Divine R.
Teacher: Jenna Javernick
4th Grade Math and Science
Holm Elementary

Student Annalena

I love my teacher because…

“I learn a lot of Spanish with her — small words like fui to big words like tigre and espanol, which means Spanish.”

Student: Annalena
Teacher: Maria Gomez
1st Grade
Escuela Valdez

Student Marcos Gomez

My teacher has taught me…

“To love myself no matter what.”

Student: Marcos Gomez
Teacher: Hanna Pelican
Noel Community Arts School

Student Katrina Henson

I love my teacher because…

“She’s truthful and she’s tough on us because she wants us to excel.”

Student: Katrina Henson
Teacher: Betty Lott
5th Grade
Lena Archuleta Elementary

Student Eli Eckhart

I love my teacher because…

“Sometimes she’s serious and sometimes she’s fun.”

Student: Eli Eckhart
Teacher: Lauren Miller
4th Grade
Steele Elementary

Student Cheyla Running Bear-Paul

I love my teacher because…

“He honestly cares about his students. He is very sarcastic and understanding, and I like that in a teacher.”

Student: Cheyla Running Bear-Paul
Teacher: Scott Rubin
North High School

Student Zechariah Wagoner

I love my teacher because…

“She is funny and she helps me a lot when I need it.”

Student: Zechariah Wagoner
Teacher: Stephanie “Ms. G” Goloskewitsch
4th Grade
Park Hill Elementary

Teacher Matthew Paul with student Elijah Mills

My teacher has taught me…

“That when things are hard, you don’t give up. Do your best and forget the rest. This helps because it teaches me that he cares about me, no matter what.”

Student: Elijah Mills
Teacher: Matthew Paul
5th Grade
Smith Renaissance School

Student Ezekiel Muro

Without my teacher, I wouldn’t…

“Be able to do number bonds.”

Student: Ezekiel Muro
Teacher: Molly LaTourette-Gifford

1st Grade
Schmitt Elementary

Student Keirra B.

A teacher is…

“Someone who teaches us, takes care of us and makes sure we are safe.”

Student: Keirra B.
Teacher: Heather Macari
1st Grade
Holm Elementary

Student Maceo Sandoval

“I used to be useless. But now I know sight words like new, n-e-w, and now, n-o-w. Now I’m smarter.”

Student: Maceo Sandoval
Teacher: David Klibaner
Reading Partners tutor
Dora Moore

Teacher Maureen Traylor with student Alex Pena

A teacher is …

“Someone who helps you with your mistakes and who challenges you with stuff like math.”

Student: Alex Pena
Teacher: Maureen Traylor
2nd Grade
Escuela Valdez

Teacher Micah Miller with student Angeles Guillen

Without my teacher, I wouldn’t…

“Be able to reach sixth grade, because he has taught us everything we need to know.”

Student: Angeles Guillen
Teacher: Micah Miller
5th Grade
Swansea Elementary

Student Raina Bowen

My teacher has taught me…

“To put 100% of my effort into everything I do.”

Student: Raina Bowen
Teacher: Michelyn Doherty
10th Grade, Choir
John F. Kennedy High School

Student Kiya Fountain

I love my teacher because…

“She makes math really fun, not like other math classes.”

Student: Kiya Fountain
Teacher: Sarah Johnson
4th Grade
Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

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