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Student Voices 2015: Why DPS Students Love Their Teachers

May. 5, 2015

Teacher Jessica Frahm with student Melina Kilen

Without my teacher…

“I wouldn’t love writing as much as I do. Ms. Frahm really helped me improve my writing skills and made me love writing.”

Student: Melina Kilen
Teacher: Jessica Frahm
8th Grade Language Arts
Skinner Middle School

Student Jose Ibarra

The most important thing my teacher has taught me…

“Is to read because it’s important to read when you go to college.”

Student: Jose Ibarra
Teacher: Alison Bernstein
3rd Grade
Centennial Elementary School

Teacher Richard Leeds with student Sarah Wiener and another student

I love my teacher because…

“He roots for us to do well. He cares and supports us not just academically in History, but with extracurriculars, sports and more. He acknowledges our efforts to be the best we can be, regardless of outcome.”

Student: Sarah Wiener
Teacher: Richard Leeds
10th Grade History
George Washington High School

Teacher Sherri Winger with student Noah Padilla

The most important thing my teacher has taught me is…

“Life lessons like sharing, integrity, caring and lots of math.”

Student: Noah Padilla
Teacher: Sherri Winger
8th Grade Math
Henry World School

Student Jorge Ramirez

Without my teacher I wouldn’t…

“Know how to spell.”

Student: Jorge Ramirez
Teacher: Patty Tirone
2nd Grade
McGlone Elementary

Student Ava Hittelman

I love my teacher because…

“She has a great sense of humor, which makes going to class a privilege.”

Student: Ava Hittelman
Teacher: Katherine Shipley
6th Grade
Hill Campus of Arts & Sciences

Student Giana

A teacher is…

“Important because they care about you and make your brain grow bigger.”

Student: Giana
Teacher: Angela Dell
1st Grade
Schmitt Elementary

Teacher Kerrie McCormick with student Melvin Anna

I love my teacher because…

“She is a good person and she helps me when I don’t understand something.”

Student: Melvin Anna
Teacher: Kerrie McCormick
6th Grade
Henry World School

Teacher Meghan Dilks with student Garrett Eisenman

Without my teacher, I wouldn’t…

“Have made so much progress in my writing.”

Student: Garrett Eisenman
Teacher: Meghan Dilks
3rd Grade
Swigert International School

Student AjaNae’ Hazard

I love my teacher because …

“The reason why I love my teacher, Ms. Brown, is that we bond together. Not just with me, but with the whole class. She is an amazing teacher because she knows when one of her students are feeling down or not having a good day she talks to them and she tries to understand what is going on. Ms. Brown isn’t like most teachers, she doesn’t push aside a problem, she tries to fix it so that there is a good atmosphere in the classroom. Ms. Brown tries to keep a good relationship with her students, and she does and is still doing a great job at that.”

Student: AjaNae’ Hazard
Teacher: Carly Brown
9th Grade Geography
East High School

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