Student Nomination: Brianna LaShay Askew Johnson

Feb. 23, 2021
Brianna Johnson Black History Month

Who: Brianna LaShay Askew Johnson

School: Northfield High School

Grade: 12

Nominated By: Parent

I believe that my daughter, Brianna Johnson, is a wonderful advocate of others. She has participated in and spoken in 3 public appearances. She is a fierce advocate of equality and rights, especially for the Black Lives Matter and Mental Health communities. As a youngster, she was a keynote speaker for the Mental Health American Proclamation at the Colorado state capital. Her signature and name are on the original Proclamation. She shared her story at the state capital in support of this movement in 2016 and 2018. Brianna was interviewed and was on the evening news for both events. More recently, in June of 2020, she was a keynote speaker to over 4,000 people for the student led Black Lives Matter protest.

Brianna Johnson

Following the address to our community, she was in the forefront next to Tay Anderson, leading our supporting community members in support of the Black Lives Matter movement down the streets of Denver. She was interviewed/featured on the local news, and was featured in the July issue of 5280 magazine. Brianna assists in leadership activities at Northfield High School. She has more than once assisted in welcoming potential new Freshman to Northfield. She has advocated for her school as she talked with potential students and their families. Brianna is a true leader in her everyday life. She strives diligently to make sure that all are treated with dignity and respect. Brianna supports differences in people and is an advocate for anyone regardless of their race, gender, sexual preferences or disability. She is fearless in making sure that everyone that she comes into contact with is treated well and is not afraid to stand up next to them in a non-violent effort to support them and their choices. All of this is completed in non-violent advocacy. Throughout her high school career at Northfield, Bri has played softball. She loves the sport and although has struggled with injuries, she has remained a leader for her team. She is a first base-woman. She is in hopes of joining the school or club team in the spring season of 2022 as she continues her education at the University of Northern Colorado. Brianna is presently a senior at Northfield High School. Graduation is set to commence on May 18, 2021. Last October, she applied to 9 colleges and to date, has received admission to all 7 that have responded to her applications. She has already committed to attend the University of Northern Colorado. Bri plans to be a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Forensic Science. Brianna wants to work as a Forensics Investigator for the FBI or CBI one day, specifically related to the investigation of serial killers. She takes pride as a person of color in a non-typical place of employment. She will begin her journey as she enters UNC in August of 2021 as a college freshman.