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¡Somos DPS! | CMS Community School

Oct. 5, 2018
Somos - CMS Community School
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The latest episode of ¡Somos DPS! takes us to CMS Community School in Southwest Denver. Students here receive a dual language education, which means they learn their core subjects in both English and Spanish throughout the school day. Speaking exclusively in Spanish, third grade teacher Sonia Soler told us more about why her students – and her school community – are so very special to her: “These children give me the opportunity to dream about a more equitable future where we can share our culture and diversity, and create a different society than the one we have today,” she said. “Each day, I try to teach them the values of teamwork and leadership and to be able to overcome obstacles on their own. Because one day, these kids will be the leaders of the future, and teamwork and giving their all will provide very good results, and it will be a very different and great society.”

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