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Share Your Voice about FNE Warriors

Oct. 24, 2017


Oct. 24, 2017


Dear Far Northeast Denver Community,

We want to respond to concerns raised regarding our Far Northeast Regional Athletics Program and the Far Northeast Warriors. First, we want to clarify that there has been no decision made regarding the future of the program. We appreciate your support of the FNE Warriors and we are committed to hearing from you before we would make any major changes.

So what is happening? Denver Public Schools understands the value and sense of pride that athletics can bring to a student’s life. Athletics unites communities and brings us together to support our schools and their hard work. We are exploring opportunities to improve the program, to increase participation and to build a greater sense of pride in our FNE schools. This includes consideration of remaining a regional athletic program and the possibility of playing some sports at the school level.

We are reaching out to our FNE athletics leadership team, coaches, school leaders – including charter school leaders – and community members to gather information and will be sharing multiple options, including no changes to the program, with you to gather your feedback.

We encourage you to join us at meetings of the Far Northeast Commission on Education to share your voice. The commission is an active group of community members who began meeting this past spring on issues including athletics, wellness, academic expectations and shared campuses.

The FNE Commission is scheduled to meet Wednesday, Oct. 25 and Wednesday, Nov. 14. All meetings run from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Evie Dennis Campus – 4800 Telluride Street Denver, CO 80248. Please join us to learn more about the FNE athletics program and other issues affecting our FNE community. Light refreshments, translation and childcare are provided. Please call 720-423-3197 to let us know you’re coming!


Gregory Hatcher,
Director of Public Affairs

Tony Smith,
Instructional Superintendent