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See DPS’ Proposed Teacher Salary Schedule

DPS’ most recent proposal to improve teacher pay includes a “base” teacher salary schedule to help teachers see what they would earn over time in our district.

For most teachers, however, the base schedule is just the start. Here’s why:

  • 28% of teachers would be placed on the base schedule. Based on current data, these teachers would not receive any incentives.
  • 36% of teachers would add another $2,500 for earning an incentive to serve in our highest-poverty schools or in our hardest-to-fill positions.
  • 36% of teachers would add another $5,000 at a minimum. That’s because this group of teachers would earn at two incentive for serving in high-poverty schools or hard-to-fill positions. However, included in this number are a small group of teachers — about 9% of DPS teachers overall — who would earn three incentives or $7,500.

Altogether, a majority of DPS teachers — or 72% — would earn at least $2,500 more than the base schedule for choosing to serve in Denver’s highest-poverty schools or hardest-to-fill positions. See DPS’ complete Jan. 31 pay proposal.

Additional pay opportunities

Teachers in DPS have various opportunities to earn additional pay and this would continue under the district’s pay proposal.

Annual incentives for serving in high-poverty schools and hard-to-fill positions: Add $2,500-$5,000

  • Based on current data, 72% of DPS teachers would earn at least one $2,500 incentive, as reflected in the “typical for DPS” example above. This includes the 36% of DPS teachers who would earn at least two $2,500 incentives or $5,000.

Annual incentives for participating in the district’s teacher leadership program: Add $800 to $5,000

  • Currently in DPS, 1 in 5 teachers participate in the teacher leadership program, where they coach and collaborate with other teachers in their schools. Incentives range from $800 for new teacher ambassadors up to $5,000 for senior team leads. Most participants earn at least $1,500.

Annual incentive for serving in highest-priority schools: Add $2,500

  • Under the proposed pay plan, 30 DPS schools would be defined as “highest-priority” schools because of the significant challenges they face. Educators who teach in these schools and return to teach the next year would receive an additional $2,500 bonus in the fall. This reflects the district’s belief in attracting and keeping strong teachers in our most challenging schools.

Salary increase for advanced education, credentials and service in DPS: Add $3,500-$17,500

  • The district’s pay proposal creates several ways a DPS teacher can add another $3,500 to their annual salary, including: add 20 college credits to a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree, earn a master’s degree plus 30 college credits, earn an advanced license, earn National Board teaching certification or serve 10 consecutive years in DPS classrooms. Currently, two-thirds of Denver teachers have achieved at least one of these milestones.