Working Together to Reimagine the SPF

Accountability is one of the district’s Shared Core Values, which means it lives at the heart of all of our work. Our commitment to ensuring all students have access to quality schools is our focus in school accountability. The School Performance Framework (SPF), has been the method for which DPS has held schools accountable for student academic performance and growth, as well as other aspects important to our schools. The Denver SPF predates the state SPF, and started in 2008. It has changed over time with shifting assessments and with the advocacy of school leaders and community members, but has remained an important part of how we evaluate how schools are serving students and families in our district.

This year, we have the opportunity to reevaluate our accountability framework. Under the direction of the Denver Board of Education and Superintendent Susana Cordova, DPS will conduct a process to reimagine the framework for evaluating schools.

As of June 27, we received over 160 applications from committed members of our school community to be a part of the task force that will make recommendations for the quality schools framework. We are pleased to see such strong interest from our community in this important work. A panel will review the applications and announce the selected task force members by July 26. The task force’s first meeting was held on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

In its work, the committee is building on the feedback that has been received from community meetings, public feedback, and recommendations made from related task forces and committees such as from the African American Equity Task Force,  Special Education Task Force, and Strengthening Neighborhoods.

Please contact Ericka Burns with any questions.

Six DPS students from Isabella Bird Community School pose in front of a colorful mural.

Committee Recommendations and Public Feedback Survey

Reimagine the SPF Committee Report »
Informe del Comité de Rediseño del Marco de Desempeño Escolar »

On May 1, the Reimagine the SPF Committee released its recommendations report and opened a community survey to gather feedback on the recommendations.

Community feedback is important in this process. The following are the dates and timeline for the Reimagine SPF rollout, and next steps for gathering community feedback. Documents will be translated into Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese and posted here as soon as they become available. 

Date Action Item
May 1 Reimagine SPF Committee Report released
Online Public Comment Survey opens and will be open for 2 weeks
May 6 Committee members present recommendations to the Superintendent
May 14 Committee members present recommendations to the DPS Board of Education
May 18 Special Public Comment session with the board
Board also presented with public comments from online form
May 21 Regular Board Meeting with Public Comment
June 11 Regular Board Meeting with Public Comment
Board will vote on recommendations 
(There will have been 5 weeks of public dialogue between recommendation release and the vote)

Monthly Committee Meetings

About the Reimagine SPF Committee

A selection panel, which consisted of 11 people from within and outside of DPS (including a teacher and two student representatives), selected the committee members. The selection panel reviewed 160 applications based on the criteria and considerations listed below to ensure we have a diverse and representative committee:

  • Regional representation (Northwest, Southwest, Central, Southeast, Near Northeast, Far Northeast)
  • Personal statements from applicants and diversity of opinion
  • Racial and ethnic diversity
  • Grade levels – elementary, middle and high school
  • Specific populations – special education, gifted and talented, schools with newcomer centers, schools offering Transitional Native Language Instruction, etc.
  • School governance type representation (traditional, innovation, charter) – about 22% of DPS students are served in our charter schools; this is higher or lower in some regions of the city

The committee reviewed the applications of school leaders, teachers, and parent/guardian candidates – who make up the majority of the committee – separately from central office staff, advocacy group representatives and community stakeholder candidates. Applicants’ regional affiliation came from ZIP code information or school affiliation.

Committee Composition

8 teachers: 

  • 1 from each region
  • 2 at-large representatives

8 leaders: 

  • 1 from each region
  • 2 at-large representatives

8 parents/family members: 

  • 1 from each region
  • 2 at-large representatives

2 district/central office administrators

4 community members/advocacy group members

  • 3 community/advocacy members
  • 1 at-large community representative

Committee Membership




Benita Bazemore-Cook DPS Parent/Family Member Central
David Singer DPS School Leader Central
Madeline Velez DPS Specialized Service Provider Central
Ashley Piche District/Central Office Administrator District
Jesús Rodríguez District/Central Office Administrator District
Lisa Escarcega DPS Community Member District/Community
Nicholas Martinez Education Advocacy Group Member District/Community
Shirley Richard Education Advocacy Group Member District/Community
Monica Bellaire DPS Parent/Family Member Far Northeast
Nivan Khosravi DPS School Leader Far Northeast
Jessica Schneider DPS Teacher Far Northeast
Kelly Molinet DPS Parent/Family Member Near Northeast
Amy Bringedahl DPS School Leader Near Northeast
Paulina Rodriguez Canizares DPS Parent/Family Member Northwest
John Stanley DPS School Leader Northwest
Katie Shively DPS Teacher Northwest
Cesar Rivera DPS School Leader Southeast
Priscilla Shaw Rahn DPS Teacher Southeast
Kevin Vicente DPS Teacher Southeast
Katie Flanagan DPS Parent/Family Member Southeast
Marcia Fulton DPS School Leader Southwest
Leslie Stahl DPS Teacher Southwest
Lidia Alvarez DPS Parent/Family Member Southwest
Felipe Vieyra DPS Community Member At-large
Jane Shirley DPS Parent/Family Member At-large
Elisha Roberts DPS School Leader At-large
Scott Wolf DPS School Leader At-large
Janelle Constance DPS Teacher At-large
Esther Mathoka DPS Teacher At-large
Karen Mortimer DPS Parent/Family Member At-large
Previous Committee Members
Gerardo A. Munoz DPS Teacher Near Northeast
Mark Schaffer DPS Parent/Family Member Southeast
Leilani Siens DPS Parent/Family Member Southwest
Roberto Montoya DPS Parent/Family Member  At-large