Planning and Analysis

Planning and Analysis focuses on addressing key strategic challenges facing our families by providing support to district leaders responsible for accelerating our students’ learning. This team delivers descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis — spotting trends and forecasting changes — and works collaboratively with leaders to organize solutions that deliver the right resources to students based on their evolving needs.

Our Services

  • Data Analysis for District Leaders
    • Assess operational support services to reduce cost and improve service in the areas of safety & security, transportation, food services, and facilities.
    • Establish metrics and benchmarks to help teams measure and increase their effectiveness.
  • Strategic Planning of Long-term District Needs
    • Collaborate with City of Denver Planning on residential development projects to create long-term forecasts of the fastest growing urban district in the United States.
    • Identify neighborhoods with program shortages and deliver prioritized recommendations to improve access to quality schools.
    • Design options to be used in community engagement processes with the public to support enrollment growth.
    • Identify trends in teacher turnover to drive strategic retention strategies and accurately plan for new teacher recruitment, onboarding, and development.
  • Enrollment Support
    • Calculate enrollment projections for future school years to assist with school budgeting, staffing, and operations.
    • Project student demographics to assist in planning supports for language acquisition and students with special learning needs.
    • Design and maintenance of DPS maps services to allow families to easily and accurately identify their home school and information on other district schools.