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Passion, Purpose and Lightning Bolts: Helping Students Identify and Pursue Their Passions

Nov. 8, 2017

Event Date: November 16, 2017

Passion ignites hidden sparks in the souls of students and teachers, and can lead to tremendous career and life satisfaction far beyond the classroom. Learning, exploration and creativity fuel passion, and deliver a sense of self-realization, personal fulfillment and life purpose. For too long, education has failed to fully recognize the role of creativity and passion in life choices. Young people are naturally familiar with feelings of passion and curiosity, and hungry to pursue knowledge and understanding. They have the advantage of their unjaded, hopeful youth to explore passions organically. Our students crave opportunities to pursue passions stemming from their own imaginations and to be inspired by the collective wisdom of all those who have gone before them. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. -Oprah Winfrey In this talk with DPS GT Specialist Brian Weaver, we’ll rethink how passion and creativity help us discover the world around us, and bring enjoyment and power to the learning process. We’ll model the best way for parents, teachers and mentors to support the creative, passionate expression of our students with skillful, effortful listening. And we’ll talk about the added richness of supporting students in cultivating a “how to think” approach in their areas of interest. • Opportunities to “show up” to passion in an authentic way • Listening for the sake of learning and understanding our passions (instead of just replying or responding to prescribed curricula) • Interpret the creative and imaginative ideation of a young person • Creating rich, maximal, significant, supportive and growth-oriented experiences • Reexamine and renew our understanding of listening and authenticity for young adults