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Our DPS Weekly: What We’re Thankful For

Nov. 18, 2016

Dear DPS Community,

One of the very best parts of my job is the opportunity every day to be with our kids. They are remarkably resilient, hardworking and joyful. As we prepare for our Thanksgiving break, I wanted to share what some of our kids, from the very youngest to those nearing graduation, say they’re grateful for:

“I am thankful that many people, besides me, have water and food. It’s not just about me.”  — Tate, first-grade

“I’m thankful for the food that the lunch ladies make. I am also thankful that we have forks and spoons to eat with. Oh, and the milk! And our water fountains at school so that I can stay alive!” — Jeikob, first-grade

“I am thankful for my family because I love them and they love me!” — Torri, first-grade

“I’m thankful that I get to spend the night at my Grandma’s house sometimes because she lets me play games on her phone.” — Xzaivier, first-grade

“I give thanks to the mitochondria for producing energy inside my cells.” — Miguel, high school 

“I’m thankful for having a place to live and the opportunity to study.” — Fransee, high school

“I’m thankful for a new day.” — Iván, high school 

“I’m thankful for always having my friends by my side.” — Yesenia, high school

“I give thanks for having the opportunity to be educated in the United States and for having a united family.” — Yoana, high school



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