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Students Feel Challenged, Supported, Safe

Oct. 20, 2017
Valverde students

“My teachers help me face challenges myself, help me understand other people’s point of view and perspectives, and how to talk to people if there is a problem, in and outside of school.”

Supt. Tom Boasberg

Supt. Tom Boasberg

Dear Team DPS,

We know as educators and parents that supporting our children as whole children is inextricably linked to their academic success — meaning they are challenged, engaged, supported, safe, healthy, and socially and emotionally intelligent. That is why, at DPS, we are one of the first districts in the nation committed to surveying our students every year and identifying the whole child areas where we need to provide additional support.

On Tuesday, I visited Bruce Randolph School to announce the release of our second annual Whole Child Student Survey results and to celebrate the middle school’s exceptional survey responses. I was joined by Board of Education Member Rachele Espiritu and members of Bruce Randolph’s student Values Council, who talked about what the whole child means to them.

Bruce Randolph Middle School is a shining example of a school that has fully committed to supporting the whole child — and their student survey results reflect those commitments.

  • 88% of students reported being engaged.
  • 87% of students reported feeling supported.
  • 82% of students reported feeling safe.

“My teachers help me face challenges myself, help me understand other people’s point of view and perspectives, and how to talk to people if there is a problem, in and outside of school,” said eighth-grade Values Council student Lorraine Smith. “The Bruce Randolph community has not only changed my outlook on school, but my outlook on life, which has helped me realize my goals.”

Our 2016-17 Whole Child Student Survey results were positive overall across all six components of the Whole Child, including:

  • 88% of students reported as feeling challenged.
  • 85% of students reported as feeling supported.
  • 80% of students responded as socially & emotionally intelligent.

“What Whole Child means to me is being emotionally, physically and mentally stable in our school,” said Bruce Randolph Values Council student Monica Barron. “Values Council helps students self-direct themselves onto the right path when they have a problem with a teacher or a peer. Of all the schools I’ve been to, I really feel at home at Bruce Randolph. I love it here.”

Bruce Randolph School students gathered to announce the results of the Whole Child Student Survey

Bruce Randolph School students gathered with school and district leaders to announce the results of the Whole Child Student Survey.

The 2016 voter-approved mill levy increase has given us the opportunity to provide additional whole child supports to our schools. We are using those funds to increase social and emotional supports in our schools by enabling our school leaders to hire psychologists, social workers, restorative justice coordinators, counselors, health technicians and deans of culture.

Congratulations to Bruce Randolph Principal Cesar Cedillo, middle school Director Melissa Boyd and the student Values Council for their leadership in building a positive school culture where the Whole Child thrives. And thank you to all of our school leaders, teachers and support staff for continuing to champion support for the Whole Child within DPS.


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