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Our DPS Weekly: Protecting the Dream

Sep. 1, 2017
Pictured above: Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova speaks during a media event at the Capitol Friday.

“I ask President Trump and others in Washington to stand with our students, not against them. Because we in DPS will never stop standing up for what’s right for all of our kids.”

Dear DPS Community,

Supt. Tom Boasberg

Supt. Tom Boasberg

Our schools and our community are strengthened by our city’s rich diversity, and DPS has always done everything we can to embrace and support all of our city’s students, regardless of where they’re from. We were the first school district in the nation to hire teachers under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA program, which was created by former President Obama in 2012 to provide legal protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants brought into the country as children.

In Denver, many of these childhood immigrants, known as “Dreamers,” have attended DPS schools their entire lives or are DPS graduates who have built their lives in our community. These include highly skilled, very talented teachers in district classrooms. Many of these great educators are bilingual and can relate well to the challenges our students face.

But now the existence of the DACA program — and the bright futures of these students and educators — is being threatened.

President Trump, whose campaign promises included an end to DACA, is expected to announce changes to the program as early as today. A group of lawmakers is threatening to sue the federal government if the dismantling of DACA doesn’t begin by Sept. 5.

Salvador Hernandez, a "Dreamer," speaks to the importance of DACA.

Salvador Hernandez, a “Dreamer,” speaks to the importance of DACA at the Capitol. Watch a short video of the event on the DPS Facebook page.

We at DPS stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these children and families; we join their call for respect and appreciation for the contributions they make to our community; and we join other cities across this great country in resolute opposition to any effort to curtail the DACA program that would cruelly rip the American Dream from their grasp.

In a show of support for our Dreamers, DPS leaders and I stood on the steps of the Capitol this morning alongside Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Speaker of the House and many of our young “Dreamers” to urge national leaders to support DPS students, families and educators and to fight back to keep DACA alive.

We know what a gift and asset DACA teachers are to our students and to our entire community. An end to DACA — which would leave hundreds of thousands facing an uncertain future and possible deportation — would be catastrophic for DPS and the city of Denver.

I ask President Trump and others in Washington to stand with our students, not against them.

Because we in DPS will never stop standing up for what’s right for all of our kids.


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Pictured above: Deputy Superintendent Susana Cordova speaks during a media event at the Capitol Friday.

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts: How to Help

Hurricane Harvey reliefOur thoughts are with the families of the Houston Independent School District and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Nearly 50 of HISD’s schools have been flooded, and many families are taking shelter in schools with less damage. These students do not have extra clothes or school supplies and need support. HISD has an immediate, urgent need for children’s clothes and school uniforms of all sizes that are clean and in reasonably good condition. It also has a need for school supplies. All clothing and supply donations should be immediately sent to:

Delmar Stadium
2020 Mangum Rd.
Houston, TX 77092

You can also make a donation to the HISD Foundation by clicking here. Learn about other ways you can help to those affected by the hurricane on this resource page.

New Wellness Policy for Healthier Snacks for Students

New Wellness Policy for Healthier Snacks for StudentsAs part of recent changes to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s regulations for school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program, DPS has updated its school wellness policy.

Starting this year, food sold and provided to students during the school day, outside of the school meal program, must meet new nutritional guidelines. These new guidelines are intended to reduce students’ consumption of high-calorie foods and sugary drinks. This means healthier options like fruits and vegetables and less food like chips and candy for students.

Rules for food sold through breakfast and lunch programs at school will not change through this policy. Additionally, rules for food provided and sold at special events occurring outside the school day (for example, family nights or sports events) and for food sold to students off of school property (such as food bought elsewhere during open campus lunchtime) will not change through this policy.

Learn more about these updates here.

Fall Parent Teacher Home Visits Kick Off Saturday

Fall Parent Teacher Home Visits Kick Off SaturdayNow through Sept. 17, teachers around DPS will be stepping out of the classroom to visit students and their families during our Fall Home Visit Kick Off.
These visits between educators and families are focused on building positive relationships. They are:

  • 20-30 minutes long
  • Voluntary for both educators and families
  • Hosted somewhere outside of school (home, park, library, etc.)
  • Based around the question: What are your hopes and dreams for your child?

If you’re a DPS parent and interested in setting up a home visit with your child’s educator, reach out to his or her teacher or request a visit here.


Sept. 2-17: Parent Teacher Home Visit Weeks
Sept. 4: Labor Day – DPS Schools and Offices Closed