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DPS ha implementado el horario de retraso por mal tiempo.

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New Grant Strengthens Support at Swansea Elementary and Garden Place Academy | Denver Public Schools
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New Grant Strengthens Support at Swansea Elementary and Garden Place Academy

Photo credit: Office of Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

On Monday, Sept. 26, 2016, Denver Public Schools (DPS) Superintendent Tom Boasberg joined Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, Christine Benero, president and CEO of Mile High United Way, and Anna Jones, executive director of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), to announce that they are joining together to provide $120,000 in grant funding to both Swansea Elementary andGarden Place Academy.

“The link between our schools and our communities are essential,” said Boasberg. “Garden Place Academy and Swansea are at the heart of the community.”

The money will support the Globeville, Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods by funding two positions at both schools that will further community engagement and student support. These positions will work to coordinate services like behavioral health support, youth development activities, resident leadership opportunities and after-school programs on their respective campuses.

“We are proud to link arms with Mile High United Way through the NDCC and the Denver Public Schools Foundation to support the Swansea and Garden Place communities,” said Mayor Hancock. “Our schools are essential to ensuring that our kids are healthy and thriving. This grant strengthens efforts to engage our parents in that vital work while expanding opportunities for developing our youth and supporting our teachers.”

The investment will help broaden access to outside resources, with the goal of supporting a strong collaborative foundation for improved educational outcomes for children now and in the future.

“Mile High United Way stands with the residents, business leaders and community leaders to set priorities and take action together to make a meaningful difference,” added Benero. “When we work together, we make a lasting and holistic impact on our community. This is what a community united looks like.”

This effort is a part of the Mile High United Way United Neighborhoods™ strategy in the Globeville, Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods, in conjunction with the city’s neighborhood plans for the area. This initiative is a partnership among residents, community leaders, policymakers and nonprofits working collectively in the most under-resourced neighborhoods in Metro Denver. Partnering with the Mile High United Way,NDCC is a coordinated effort on behalf of the Mayor to ensure community engagement, integrated planning and deliberate connections among the city’s major projects in GES and RiNo.

These elementary schools are attributed with playing an integral role in bringing people in the community together, and these new supports will help both schools maintain their position as meaningful centers for the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea communities.

“We know that when our kids thrive, our communities thrive,” said Verónica Figoli, president and CEO of the DPS Foundation. “This grant partnership is an investment in lives and neighborhoods that will pay dividends into the future. We are grateful to Mile High United Way and NDCC for their support of DPS students and communities.”