New Bikes and Helmets for Gilpin Montessori First Graders

Sep. 13, 2016

Gilpin Montessori first graders were in for a surprise on Tuesday morning, Sept. 13, when they were invited out to their playground to find a truck full of brand new bicycles and helmets!

Wish for Wheels, in partnership with Wells Fargo, donated bikes and helmets for the entire first grade class at Gilpin. Students, teachers and community volunteers worked together with students to assemble their bikes, then students practiced riding their new bikes around the playground.

“My favorite part about riding my bike is pushing the pedals and turning!” said first-grade student Taisiya.

“I like going distance!” said fellow first grader Willie Mac.

What was the most challenging part of their new wheels?

“Practicing on the field – it’s so hard to go on the field!” said student Gabriela.

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