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NCAS Students Unveil Murals to be Displayed at City and County Building

Sep. 28, 2020

NCAS and Mayor

Mayor Hancock with NCAS students and staff.

Students from Noel Community Arts School (NCAS) celebrated the completion of 12, large-scale murals with Mayor Michael Hancock this past Saturday.

The murals will be used to replace damaged windows at the City and County building as part of Mayor Hancock’s “Telling the Story” project. The project serves as a medium for students to share their perspectives on the state of the city, country and world while honoring current activism in Denver.

Guided by local artists and staff, each mural represents the students’ voice as a NCAS Artists, Innovators and Activists.

NCAS Student Murals

Students painted murals that represented their current views on society.

“It’s been such an honor working on this mural,” said Thomas Phoenix, NCAS ninth-grader. “My piece of work is about how I feel about the current issues affecting our country, and the world. My heart is surrounded by broken glass which represents all the issues closing in around my emotions. I think that everyone in it feels this way, so hopefully, it’s understood by all that see it.”

NCAS Mural-Thomas Phoenix

Mural by NCAS ninth-grader, Thomas Phoenix.

The completed murals are set to be installed at the City and County Building in the upcoming weeks. The hope is to find a permanent place to display the murals once the windows are replaced in the future.

“There is nothing more powerful than elevating the hopes, dreams and desires of our young people, particularly in times of challenge and uncertainty,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “Their art will grace our City and County Building for our entire community to see so that we all will be inspired by their talent and reminded that we hold their futures in our hands.”

Noel Community Arts School is a public high school in the northeast area of Denver. NCAS inspires and equips the next generation of artists, innovators, and activists by meaningfully integrating the arts into all content areas and learning environments.