Measuring a Teacher’s Impact

May. 9, 2017

Ever doubt the impact you’re having every day?

If you’ve ever wondered “Am I making a difference?”, look no further than this DPS Features video and the story of two of our educators to realize the potential of every teacher’s reach.

At Denver School of the Arts, vocal music director Scott Shively hears instant feedback from his students during class and rehearsals every day — but this year, the teacher also heard about the impact he made on a former student nearly two decades ago.

That former student? Brendan Doyle, who is now a first-grade teacher at Cory Elementary — a career he credits to the support and inspiration he received from Mr. Shively as a student.

“He gave me my livelihood without even realizing he helped create my passion in life,” said Doyle. “More than putting it into words, I feel like my actions and becoming what I’ve become are more of a thank you than any words I could ever verbalize.”