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Living Our DPS Honoree: Susan Trahan

May. 26, 2022
Living Our DPS Honoree: Susan Trahan

Students First

ECE Teacher, Hallett Academy

“Mrs. Susan Trahan is an incredibly talented, effective and dedicated teacher. Susan approaches all situations with the Students First mindset, and her classroom and broader school community is a reflection of this. Notably, Mrs. Trahan exemplifies creativity and flexibility to address the needs of students. To end the year on a positive note, Mrs. Trahan hosts an ECE water day. Mrs. Trahan creates countless activities for students of all levels to engage in with. At the same time, these activities strengthen peer relationships, build on developing skills and promote a love of learning in students. Mrs. Trahan is an invaluable and indispensable member of the Hallett Academy community.”
— Kase Pooley, Hallett