Living Our DPS Honoree: Sherri George

Mar. 17, 2022
Living Our DPS Honoree: Sherri George


Dean of Instruction, Barnum Elementary

“When I think of the word ‘leader’ one person immediately comes to mind, and that person is Mrs. Sherri George. Mrs. George is truly dedicated to the students, families, and staff at our school. We are fortunate to have a leader that makes everyone feel safe and valued. Her door, and her heart, is always open. She wants to see everyone succeed and takes it upon herself to locate resources for teachers, students, and families to support them in their pursuits and needs. When students see her in the hall, they are quick to give her a hug and share what they have been learning. The staff feels at ease in her presence and as a result, are ready to engage and collaborate.

Mrs. George finds a variety of ways to celebrate the highlights of students and staff. Sometimes this may be through the form of stopping by classrooms with her treasure box to celebrate students that have shown growth in their academics, or giving out mugs with a ‘Thank You’ card attached. Earlier in the school year, I was taking care of my mother because she had terminal cancer. Mrs. George extended a lending hand and dropped by with some homemade lasagna for our family. As I mentioned before, she truly has an open heart. Yes, her knowledge in LEAP and literacy are astounding, but her heart truly shines and makes her stand out. We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Sherri George as a leader.”

— Mario Galvan, Barnum