Living Our DPS Honoree: Madda Evenson

Oct. 14, 2021
Living Our DPS Honoree Madda Evenson


Operations Coordinator, CSCI

“Madda is amazing is so many ways. She lives the value of Integrity as an operations coordinator by title but wears many hats. Madda supports our team as a grant administrator, hiring coordinator, extra duty pay support, translator, executive secretary and much more. Madda has taken on many roles and jumped in as people have transitioned away from DPS. There is literally nothing she does not say yes to and she always does it with a learner attitude, attention to detail and in a timely manner. Madda supports our small CRE team and the very large CSCI team with the utmost Integrity. It is a pleasure to work with Madda. She makes me proud to work for team DPS. Thank you Madda for ALL that you do. We are incredibly grateful!”

Kim Price, CSCI