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Living Our DPS Honoree: Karina Alvarez

Feb. 13, 2020
Living Our DPS Honoree: Karina Alvarez

Students First

Karina Alvarez
Patrol Officer, Safety and Security

“We have a student at Lowry Elementary who is anxious about seeing the Safety and Security squad cars and officers at our school. Officer Karina Alvarez sat down with this student and talked to him about what officers do and what happens in emergencies. She did an amazing job with the student and was so patient with his questions. Officer Alvarez let the student see her squad car, turn on the lights and even hear what a ‘CODE 10’ siren sounds like!  The student was so impressed by Officer Alvarez, and even wanted to know about the different security items she carries on her belt. Thank you for all that you do to keep our kids safe and supported — and for putting Students First!”

– Stephanie Thielen, Lowry Elementary