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Living Our DPS Honoree: Jordan Harper

Jun. 2, 2022
Living Our DPS Honoree: Jordan Harper

Students First

Math Paraprofessional, Morey Middle School

“Jordan lives the value of Students First every single day. He supports every math teacher by pulling small groups to work with students on math intervention, making sure they understand the importance of education. He also jumped into the role as head coach for both the boys basketball and flag football teams. The boys then said that they wanted to get into weightlifting so he started a weightlifting club after school. He continued to also have basketball practice for any boys that wanted to keep practicing after the season was over.

One student in particular that Jordan helped was a student who had horrible attendance, only showing up once a week, if that. He put him on the basketball team to encourage him to come to school, and when the student said he didn’t have a ride, Jordan jumped right in. He began to pick the student up a few days per week in order to ensure that the student was able to come to school on time.”

— Alison Doyle, Morey