Living Our DPS Honoree: Jeny Garst

May. 12, 2022
Living Our DPS Honoree: Jeny Garst

Students First

Senior Team Lead, Manual High School

“Jeny goes above and beyond every day to make the teaching and learning in our building more exciting and accessible to all students and teachers. She is an inspiring Senior Team Lead and has supported our math team in developing student-centered, equity-focused strategies for classroom learning and assessment. Jeny consistently utilizes everyone’s strengths to bring our team together to grow in the pursuit of excellence for our students. She has also stepped beyond her STL role and is hosting an after-school PDU about bringing more ‘thinking’ into our classrooms — getting kids to talk to each other and interact authentically with content in all subject areas. Her PDU is tremendously popular and brings a large interdisciplinary team of teachers together to shift the culture of teaching and learning in our building. Jeny inspires us all to bring our best selves into the classroom every day and positively impacts our students’ experiences and growth through her leadership. She makes us all, teachers and students, feel valuable and welcomed in our community.”

— Cary Hoste