Living Our DPS Honoree: Hayley Gunter

Nov. 19, 2020

Students First

Hayley Gunter

Special Education Teacher, Schmitt Elementary

“Hayley goes above and beyond for not only students on her caseload, but every student at our school. This past spring, a family was facing eviction and struggling to meet their rent requirements after suffering from a job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hayley raised funds for this family in order to help them stay in their home and be able to provide for their two Schmitt students who are both part of our special education programming. Hayley also worked to raise funds to purchase ‘home learning supply kits’ for every student on her caseload and their siblings. Each basket of supplies contained over 20 items needed for remote learning and allowed students to better access their schoolwork from home. Hayley always puts Students First and goes out of her way to support our families!”

Julia Allison, Schmitt Elementary