Living Our DPS Honoree: Diana Salinas

Oct. 29, 2020


Diana Salinas

ELA-S Teacher, Barnum Elementary

“Diana Salinas is a dedicated and motivated first grade ELA-S teacher at Barnum Elementary. Diana has gone to great lengths to create and foster a positive and supporting learning environment for her students and families. In addition to her role as a first grade teacher, she provides valuable feedback to our leadership team through her participation in our school’s SLT and CSC.

What really makes her stand out is that she has taken it upon herself to organize and host technology classes for our families every week! You will find her setting up tables outside of Barnum Elementary and spacing them apart to ensure safety protocols are being met. Diana understands that during this time of uncertainty, our families are greatly impacted. One way to lessen the impact is by providing them the opportunity to understand and engage with technology in a personalized manner. In doing so, the families attending her technology class have gained a better understanding of the digital platforms their students are using. More importantly, they are able to better support their children with their learning!”

Mario Galvan, Barnum Elementary