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Living Our DPS Honoree: Charles Wiesbrook

Oct. 8, 2020


Charles Wiesbrook

Facilities Manager, Teller Elementary

“I would like to recognize, celebrate and express my gratitude for the incredible job Chuck Wiesbrook has done over the past four years in making Teller a beautiful and safe school. Chuck has truly poured his heart and soul into his work at Teller. He has gone above and beyond his job description to ensure our 100-year-old building is clean, functioning, well-cared for and is the foundation for running the successful school that we do. On top of his regular duties, Chuck is often seen at our after-school events. He attends school performances, sporting events and community gatherings. Chuck works hard to establish and nurture trusting relationships with our students and families. He has a kind heart and gentle soul.”

– Sabrina Bates, Teller Elementary School