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South High School Inclusion Champions

Oct. 21, 2020
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These are teachers who were nominated for modeling Inclusive Practices at South High School in honor of Disability Awareness month. To see other schools nominees, visit our Disability Awareness Submissions page.

Katie Gunter

“She provides accommodations and modifications to students to ensure that they are accessing the content. She creates a culture of inclusion through modeling and providing differentiation to all students. She is an inclusion champion!”

— Nominated by Molly Mason

Lex Williams

“As a teacher and coach, Lex embodies the idea of inclusion. He practices the motto that all students are our students and includes everyone. He especially models this with his cross country team as his leadership has empowered students to grow and thrive.”

— Nominated by Brenda Whitmore

Cher Gillespie

“Cher is welcoming to all students. She goes above and behind to make curriculum accessible and meaningful.”

— Nominated by Brenda Whitmore

Cher Gillespie

Jordan Allen

“Ms. Allen knows that everyone belongs. Her decisions are made on the basis of student needs and not on labels and places. Ms. Allen keeps expectations high for every student. Ms. Allen delivers instruction based on the curriculum standards adopted by the school or state. Ms. Allen provides the Individualized supports and accommodations for each student. Ms. Allen collaborates with the special education teacher.”

— Nominated by Bernadette Janelle

Shirene Agahi-Patterson

Shirene Agahi-Patterson

“Shirene works incredibly hard to make sure our students are not only included with their general education peers, but they also have a leadership voice in her classes. She strives to create Unified classes so peer helpers can have a specific plan of support to help include ALL students feel welcome and that they are a part of a team. Shirene has adapted her online classes to include additional supports and resources, and she also makes it easy for the SPED teachers to understand how to guide our students to learn about all she has to offer. One year, Shirene created an interactive, hands-on music class so our students could play the drums and other instruments that are not typically offered each school year. She continually goes above and beyond throughout each school year to be an incredible teacher and role model for everyone!”

— Nominated by Mandy Staehler

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