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Join the Citywide Strengthening Neighborhoods Committee

Apr. 10, 2017
kids on playground

DPS is creating the Strengthening Neighborhoods Initiative to explore changing demographics and housing patterns and their effect on our schools. The Denver Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution establishing a citywide committee to do the following:

  • Review changing demographics and housing patterns in our city and the effect on our schools.
  • Make recommendations on our policies around boundaries, choice, enrollment and academic programs to drive greater socio-economic integration in our schools.
  • Consider how to think about school choice and school consolidation to ensure that our schools offer high-quality, sustainable programs for our kids in the face of sharp declines in the number of school-aged children in gentrifying neighborhoods.

The DPS Citywide Committee on Strengthening Neighborhoods is charged with fulfilling its tasks in six months and presenting recommendations to the Denver Board of Education.

To learn more, including how to apply, click here.