Johnson Elementary Inclusion Champions

Oct. 21, 2020
Johnson Elemntary

These are teachers who were nominated for modeling Inclusive Practices at Johnson Elementary School in honor of Disability Awareness month. To see other schools nominees, visit our Disability Awareness Submissions page.

Emmalie Moseley

“Emmalie is amazing at modeling inclusive practices for all students in our school. She is not only a dedicated advocate for the ELL students she teaches but for students with disabilities, as well. In the past, Emmalie has incorporated real-life activities in her very creative classroom instruction. One year, her Math class was designing a playground in order to learn about area and perimeter. Emmalie took the lesson one step further. After asking a student in a different classroom, who uses a wheelchair, if she would feel comfortable consulting with the classroom, her class created a plan for a playground which would be wheelchair accessible complete with safety supports which would intentionally promote participation for all children. Her students also participated in an activity designing costumes. She worked hard to help design a costume which actually incorporated the wheelchair within the design of the costume. These activities helped all of her students learn compassion, empathy and understanding of students with disabilities which allowed for unbelievable positive social and emotional growth for everyone involved. The student with the disability was ecstatic to be included in such an important way that encouraged a sense of true belonging. Thank you Emmalie for being amazing, thinking outside the box and caring for all human beings. We love you!”

— Nominated by Kathleen McKune