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It’s Still Slippery Out There

Dec. 3, 2019
Students sit on a play structure as snow lies on the ground around them

As we continue to deal with the results of the recent wintry weather, we’d like to thank the faculty and staff members who have taken extra measures to prepare our campuses for returning students and families. We’d also like to ask that all staff, students and family members please remain sensitive to issues of safety because of the slick conditions outside our facilities.


Members of the Denver Public Schools Grounds Department worked during four of the five days over the holiday break with the goal of ensuring that our school sites are clear of snow and ice, and safe for adults and children. Our Facility Management and Operations crews continue to work to remove snow and ice and to spread ice melt on parking lots, sidewalks and entryways. Teams also continue to plow the snow in our playgrounds. Please note that, no matter how well our teams remove snow and ice from our grounds, pedestrians will still encounter some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors.


We are coordinating efforts with city work crews on their efforts to ensure that the side roads and sidewalks in our neighborhoods are also clear of snow and ice. The challenge for all involved is that these warmer temperatures are causing the snow to melt. Then, cold winds are causing the melted snow to freeze and become patches of ice. These slick conditions have created ongoing challenges for people maneuvering to, from and around our schools.


Please note that walking in the areas around our schools right now requires special attention to avoid slipping and falling. Watch out for ice, especially slippery streets and walkways. For the next couple of days, please remember to exercise caution when walking in these snowy and icy areas.


As a final reminder, please remember that slips and falls are some of the most frequent causes of injuries that occur during the winter months. As our facility and maintenance teams work to keep our roadways, parking lots and sidewalks clear, please remember that slick spots may be in your path, even if you cannot see them.