Honoring Black History Month: A Recap of Events

Feb. 27, 2019

In February, we celebrated Black History Month by honoring and learning about the achievements of African-Americans throughout history. We know one month is not enough time to honor the long-standing legacy of African-Americans and their contributions. That’s why we have put together the following recap to inspire you to continue this journey of recognitions and learning throughout the year. Thank you to our students, teammates and community members who came together to commemorate this special month in the following ways.

“In 1938, that was the middle of that big depression you know. I was very blessed and fortunate to even get a job. Jobs were very scarce. And almost impossible for some of us. I was the first African-American teacher in Denver to receive tenure. I never thought in terms of it being history or anything like that! To me it was more than just my job. It was opening the door for others too.”
~ Marie L. Greenwood, first African-American teacher in Denver to receive tenure

Our Black History Month website provides easy access to the following resources and more.


Articles and media

Community event coverage

Schools across our city have celebrated and are continuing to celebrate throughout the month of February at:

On Twitter, some of our students shared stories about why Black History Month matters to them.

Celebrate Black History throughout the year using our Black History webpage, which will continue to be available as a resource after February. Is there a resource you would like to add to this webpage? Email us at