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Homecoming! Broncos’ Phillip Lindsay Returns to Denver South High

Dec. 11, 2018
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When he walked through the doors to the Denver South High School gymnasium, Phillip Lindsay expected to meet with a couple of student athletes as a bit of a surprise.

What he got instead? A surprise all his own: hundreds of students filling the bleachers, screaming in support of someone who once walked in their footsteps as a Denver South Rebel.

Lindsay is currently the talk of the NFL and the Denver Broncos, the ‘surprise’ standout rookie running back who seemingly came out of nowhere. However, the many who have followed his career as a young man, student and student athlete are not the least bit surprised at his success.

Between all of the challenges he’s overcome – from a learning disability to career-threatening injuries and not being invited to the NFL Draft Combine – Phillip’s success points to the power of believing in yourself and working hard.

Watch this raw video clip of Phillip Lindsay as he returns home to Denver South High School.