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Get the New DPS Citizen’s Budget Guide

Nov. 13, 2017

Questions about the Denver Public Schools’ budget and how it works? Check out the new DPS Citizen’s Budget Guide, including topics like these:

  • DPS budget cycle, sources of funding and total revenue.
  • Student enrollment history and projected growth.
  • District, school spending: 96% of revenue directly supports kids and that number is growing.

We work to give schools the maximum flexibility with their budgets because we know that those closest to our kids, our teachers and our communities should decide how to best spend their dollars to match their kids’ needs. Shifting greater resources and decision-making to our schools means we’re building the ability of our school teams to drive instructional improvements for their kids.

DPS expects to spend just over $10,500 per student in our district-managed schools this school year, and we’re shifting even more funds over to be managed at the school level in the coming year.

Want more information? Check out our financial transparency website, which includes district and school-level budgets (under “district adopted budget”) or email us at