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George Washington High School Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program Honors Dr. Peter Peterson

Apr. 12, 2018

On Sunday, April 8, the Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program honored Dr. Peter Peterson at his church, the First Universalist Church of Denver. Dr. Peterson was largely responsible for bringing the mentoring program to George. He had been a mentor at another Denver high school in the past. When his grandchildren began attending George, he felt that the school could really use a mentoring program. He introduced Caren Press to George’s principal at that time, and the Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program was born! Dr. Peterson’s impact on Patriot Pairs has been profound. He was one of our inaugural mentors, four years ago, and has been active in our program ever since. He has recruited eleven other mentors at his church and, because of his recommendation, the church adopted Patriot Pairs as a program sponsored by its social action committee. Patriot Pairs also has been the beneficiary of several Compassion in Action offerings at the church. This is a wonderful partnership for the Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program. On behalf of all of the mentors and mentees in the Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program, thank you Dr. Peterson for everything you have done for us and for so many others in the Denver community! For information about the George Washington High School Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program contact Caren Press at