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Ensuring equitable access on all DPS websites

DPS is among hundreds of school districts nationwide working with the federal Office of Civil Rights to ensure all of our websites, including school websites, are easily accessible for our families and community members with special needs.

How does DPS plan to update its websites?

To support this goal, staff members have completed an audit of our websites and developed a plan to ensure all sites are compliant. We have now reached the phase in this process when we’ll begin making adjustments to individual school websites to ensure compliancy. All DPS school websites must be compliant.

What does this mean for a school’s website if it is hosted by DPS?

When it’s time for a school’s website to be made compliant, the people responsible for the site will be contacted by DPS Communications in regards to an audit that was performed. This audit will detail what issues were found and what the steps we will take to make it compliant and accessible to all members of the community.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, and look for your school on the Compliance Schedule.

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