Emily Griffith Technical College Alum is Creating an Empire

Sep. 21, 2016

Story Credit: CBS4

You can’t stop a guy like Matthew Morris. His mixture of business sense, timing and genius have all come together to create an empire – and he’s only 10 years into it.

Among the successful in Denver’s growing business climate is a man who credits a lot of his success to the Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC).

Among his star stylists is Amie Rau. Rau also went to EGTC after growing up homeless most of your childhood. She heard about Morris’ success, and her teacher told her about a scholarship he was offering.

“And so I wrote an essay and the essay was just about opportunity and what opportunity means to me and my family,” Rau said.

Now she is one of the stylists in the 90 chairs at Matthew Morris Salons. Pretty amazing for a guy who just needed a start.

“It was just opportunity after opportunity after opportunity, which was great,” said Rau.

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