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Educators Share Creative Ways to Support the Whole Child

Oct. 25, 2017
Denver Online is supporting the whole child by providing free monthly field trips for students.
Denver Online High School provides free monthly field trips for students as part of its efforts to support the Whole Child.

Educators at our schools and with our school-support teams shared how they’re working to support the whole child by keeping our kids healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

  1. “I support the whole child by guiding a team of passionate and dedicated folks who take pride in providing nutritious food and nutrition education so that kids are ready to learn. My teams arrive early in the morning and prepare healthy and appealing food choices made with love and served with a smile so that kiddos are not distracted from their learning process by feelings of hunger.” — Theresa Hafner, Enterprise Management
  1. “I support the whole child with school and district-level health data that helps shape the major improvement strategies within our schools’ Unified Improvement Plans to directly impact budget, staffing, curricula, and other services for each and every student.”— Scott Romero, Student Equity and Opportunity
  1. “One way that Denver Online is supporting the whole child is by providing free monthly field trips for students, supplying both free transportation and free admission to anywhere the school goes. The school secured a Groove Auto Drive for Education Grant that enables this opportunity for students. Students are now able to grow friendships and experience new opportunities, regardless of their economic standing or transportation resources.” — Kaci Sintek, Denver Online High School
  1. “Students end every day with social emotional learning to develop skills to be the best citizens they can be. We have community meetings every Monday and Friday where our whole school learns new character traits and we celebrate students and teachers who have gone above and beyond in our special trait for the week.” — Nicole Schrensky, Ashley Elementary
  1. “At Denison Montessori, we follow the values of the ROSE (Respect Others, Self, and Environment) and incorporate this symbol throughout the school. We use simple phrases like ‘follow the ROSE,’ train children in ROSE Talks (conflict-resolution conversations using a rose as a talking stick) and recognize children following the ROSE values with a real rose on Fridays; often, the Friday rose goes to children who made some great choices in the midst of struggle or who need extra support.” — Caroline Robbins, Denison Montessori