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Educators Donate School Supplies to 3-and 4-Year-Old Students

Mar. 31, 2020

school staff at STWA

Sandra Todd-Williams Academy staff show support while social distancing.

Spring cleaning looked a little different this year for the staff at Sandra Todd-Williams Academy, an Early Childhood Education (ECE) school in the Far Northeast. Boxes of colored pencils, tubs of brightly colored play dough and orange-capped sticks of glue lined the hallways of the ECE school on Friday, March 27, as staff scoured their closets for supplies.

School supply donations

School supplies ready for family pickup to support remote learning.

With school closures in place, educators throughout the city and state have been gearing up for the switch to remote learning, which for Denver Public Schools begins on Tuesday, April 7. As an ECE school, Sandra Todd Williams Academy will focus their remote learning plan on different activities for their 3- and 4-year-old students. With this in mind, school staff took to their supply closets to put together kits with worksheets, markers, crayons, playdough, scissors, paper and more.


“About 70 of our 140 families came through our drive-through lane to collect the materials.” said principal, Leslie Harvey on Friday, March 27. “Our goal was to be helpers and heroes to our 3- and 4-year olds today.”


Drive-thru supply pickup at STWA

Staff showing their love for students and families at the drive-thru supply pickup.

And the hard-working school staff left with a little something as well. Local Green Valley Ranch restaurant, Ebert’s Terrace, dropped off to-go meals for the volunteers to take home and enjoy — A generous act that showcases how individuals coming together can make a difference in the community.