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East High School Health Clinic

Jan. 10, 2020
East High School

As part of its 30-year collaboration with DPS, Denver Health recently opened its 18th school-based health clinic at East High School. School-based Health Centers are a large network of health clinics located inside DPS campuses that serve all DPS students – as well as children enrolled in DPS-affiliated Early Childhood Education programs – at no charge to families. Clinics offer medical, mental health, dental, health education and family planning, as well as insurance enrollment and advising services.

East High School’s clinic offers comprehensive health services. In the lobby of the East clinic, a receptionist greets students and families, who wait for their services in a comfortable space decorated with health-positive posters. The clinic has exam rooms and offices along two corridors.

“We’re so excited to open this health clinic at East High School,” said Dr. Steven G. Federico of Denver Health. “The students here deserve quality and attentive health services from our wonderful school-based team that range from health educators to nurse practitioners to mental health therapists. I think we all should be proud of every school-based clinic Denver Health and DPS has established over the last thirty-two years. It’s really an amazing accomplishment!”

First established at Abraham Lincoln High School in 1987, Denver Health School-based Health Centers serve more than 13,000 students a year at 18 locations throughout the district. Services are available at all locations throughout the school year and at a limited number of locations during the summer.

With a signed parent/guardian consent form, any student is welcome to access services during school hours at these centers. Multiple medical professionals including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and mental health therapists provide confidential services. Learn more about School-based Health Centers by visiting DPS Healthy Schools.