During Their Lunch Break, DPS Kids Feed Denver’s Hungry

Dec. 23, 2016
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“Volunteering just makes me feel good. It’s better to give back than to get something.”

Dear DPS Community,

Nearly every day, I have the pleasure of walking into one of our schools across the city and learning from our teachers and students. And, nearly every day, I hear a story that inspires me about the dedication of our educators and the commitment of our kids.

Today, as we begin our winter break, I want to share one of those stories. It comes from George Washington High School, where junior Kai Sumatsu has rallied dozens of students to focus on feeding Denver’s hungry.

Why? Because Kai and his family were once hungry themselves. He knows first-hand the difference a helping hand can make, and he wants to be that help for others.

“My mom said let’s go volunteer for a food bank, let’s go volunteer for a soup kitchen and then we’ll get our meals that way,” Kai said. “So we’re helping out the community and then we’re getting something back that we needed.”

Kai, above, who’s 16, last year founded the Denver Club of Humanities, which brings students together during their lunch break to plan food drives. This fall alone, the group donated 5,317 pounds of food — or enough to feed one person for three years.

“Volunteering just makes me feel good,” said humanities club member Kelly Trang, a junior at George. “It’s better to give back than to get something.”

I hope you enjoy this short video about how one student is inspiring others to give back to our community. And to Kai and to all of those who make up the DPS community, warm wishes for a relaxing and happy holiday season.


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